ELBA  TRAILMASTER   -  complete guide Mountain Bike   
* new  Nov/Dec  2021 *


3-part map set   -    6  detailed maps  scale  1:12500    68 x 99cm   +  Trackbook


Trackbook  32 pages   italiano - deutsch - english - francais


Elba has an incredibly dense network of trails - you need accurate and up-to-date MTB trail maps for orientation. While other products show the whole island on a small map with large scale, outdated routes and without proper MTB classification, a completely new route has been taken here.

Based on 15 years of Elba riding and "hiking" experience, all currently accessible and navigable paths are now recorded in the Trailmaster and classified in color according to the single trail scale - on a super scale 1: 12500 - and where that's not enough with additional detailed maps 1: 7500 - 1:5000!

Due to the restrained coloring of the asphalt and gravel roads and the background topography, the Sentieri and coveted single trails with their contrasting colors can be clearly recognized. The well-known alpine color scheme was chosen for the main grades:

                       S1 easy - blue     S2 medium - red     S3 difficult  black


Arrows on the trails lines show the main direction downhill and elevation points at prominent places make it easier to recognize the development in altitude, but there is additional information on high points, low points and saddle points.

Since 2018, the Sentieri of the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano / CAI have been redistributed and numbered, they are shown in full on the maps (red-white-red numbers).

The most famous single trails are put together and numbered to form complete, longer Singletrack runs. The enclosed four-language trackbook contains  87 single tracks with brief descriptions, technical difficulty, panoramic and overall ratings, structured according to the four island sectors and areas.

This includes all of the island's top trails such as

  • Westcost Freeride
  • Serraventosa
  • Semaforo
  • Infernaccio
  • Vie Granito
  • Sassi ritti
  • TES Toscano Enduro Series tracks
  • Collonne romane
  • Poro Faro
  • Pecoano - Lamaia
  • Napoleone
  • Monte Tambone
  • Capo Stella
  • Monte Mar Capanna
  • Monte Arco
  • Buca del Bandito
  • Le Scalette
  • Vignola
  • Dragut
  • Mausoleo
  • Miniera Calamita
  • and  67 other Singletracks


Many of them lead from high peaks down to the Mediterranean Sea with fantastic beaches.

So every biker will find the right single trails on Elba island.




Map sector D  Monte Calamita  1:12500  -  cutout area D10


SingleTrack list  area  D10   Miniera Calamita






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